Document Tracking RFID Systems

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System Features

Instantly locate your files & documents. Retrieve any lost or mislocated item.  Classify documents by type, track history, and automate check-in/ checkout. Protect against unauthorized removal. 


RECENT PROJECT: Kuwait Department of Justice File Tracking RFID System in Kuwait:


System Features

The system provides

  • Classification of all documents by type (contract, legal file, product catalog, etc.) 
  • Managing and controlling removal from certain locations and triggering alarms of unauthorized attempts 
  • Locating individual file and document from crowded archives
  • Monitoring document traffic and history
  • Automated desks for document check-in & checkout 
  • Credential and access management for handling specific documents
  • Flexible integration with existing systems, including digital document management systems

System Applications

  • Document Tracking with RFID
  • RFID File Tracking
  • Document Management with RFID
  • File and Document Security with RFID

System Benefits

  • aaaaaaaa85% reduction in document audit time
  • Automated check-in and checkout operations, eliminating manual labor
  • Reduction in misplaced or lost files
  • Simple reconciliation of missing items
  • Protection of classified documents with high security