Warehouse RFID Systems

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System Features

Reduce warehouse handling costs: automate shipping, receiving, picking, shelving operations. Improve visibility and reliability in your supply chain and logistics. 

System Features

The system provides

  • Streamline shipping & receiving processes
  • Verify products' final destination, carrier and dock door
  • Confirm individual items with customer orders
  • Expedite rush orders
  • Alert staff and customers to potential mis-shipments or delays 
  • Trigger automatic inventory replenishment when stock is low
  • Flag rush orders by comparing order number & special instructions

System Applications

  • Incoming / outgoing order verification, data integration with existing ERP / MRP systems 
  • Order tracking from departure to destination point
  • Advance shipping notice automation with RFID
  • Track delivery vehicles with RFID

System Benefits

  • 100% automated tracking of orders
  • Reliable confirmation of shipments and receipts
  • Significantly reduced error rates and costly correction processes
  • Reduced shipping, handling and administrative costs
  • Reduced shrinkage rates